Yushu Earthquake
The 2010 Yushu earthquake struck on April 14, 2010, and registered a magnitude of 6.9Mw (USGSEMSC) or 7.1Ms (CEA, CENC). It originated in YushuQinghaiChina, at 7:49 am local time.According to the Xinhua News Agency, 2,220 people have been confirmed dead, 70 missing, and 12,135 injured of which 1,434 are severely injured.The epicenter was located in Rima village , Upper Laxiu township of Yushu County,in remote and rugged terrain, near the border of Tibet Autonomous Region. The epicenter is about 30 km from Gyêgu town, the seat of Yushu County, and about 240 km from Qamdo. The epicenter was in a sparsely populated area on the Tibetan plateau that is regularly hit by earthquake.

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Jiegu, China (CNN) -- Unstable bridges and collapsed roadways kept rescuers and their heavy equipment away Thursday from Jiegu, China -- the town nearest the epicenter of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that killed nearly 600 people and injured thousands more.
Twenty-four hours after the Wednesday quake, most of Jiegu's dead were in the dusty rubble of a hotel that crumbled under the strain of the initial quake and a series of strong aftershocks. Residents painstakingly picked through the debris with shovels and ropes, ever mindful that time is a formidable obstacle to finding survivors.